POSTED BY Allison Schulman | Dec, 10, 2018 |

Holiday meals can be a source of stress and anxiety for those trying to eat reasonably healthy. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your holiday meals without guilt while maintaining your lifestyle.

1. Don’t skip meals leading up to a holiday gathering. Eat as you normally would, including a balanced breakfast with lots of fiber (i.e., vegetables, fruit, whole grains). This will protect you from overeating later.

2. Stick to one plate of food and avoid seconds or thirds. Strive to feel satisfied as opposed to overstuffed or like you’re in a “food coma.”

3. Don’t forget the vegetables. Contribute a veggie side dish to the holiday meal to ensure that they are tasty and reasonably healthy.

4. Pass on the foods that you do not love. You don’t need to drink eggnog or eat six deviled eggs simply because they are offered. Save those calories for foods that you enjoy eating.

5. Pass on the apps. Being greeted at a party by bowls of chips, nuts and cheese platters can be very tempting. Use the pre-dinner time to catch up with family and friends and, like above, save those calories for the good stuff.

6. Limit your liquid calories. Soda, juice and alcohol are highly caloric. Raise a glass to toast the holiday season but then try to stick with mostly water or seltzer.

7. Exercise on the day of your gathering. Throw a football, take a walk in the park, or hit the gym for 30 minutes. You will enjoy your meal more if you feel like you’ve earned it.

8. Eat slowly, take small bites and savor your meal. You’ve been waiting all year for this so enjoy it while conversing with family and friends.

9. Have dessert but be reasonable. Don’t deprive yourself of a slice of the pie you’ve been craving since last year. But have one slice and wash it down with a cup of hot mint or chamomile tea. It will cleanse your palate and is a great conclusion to a delicious meal.

10. Don’t stress, it’s one meal and tomorrow’s another day. Get back on track in the morning.

Keep these tips in mind so you can enjoy your holiday meal without guilt. Need more help? Schedule an appointment with me to keep you on track.


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