POSTED BY Allison Schulman | Feb, 28, 2019 |

March is National Nutrition Month. The purpose of this month-long campaign is to promote the importance of making educated food choices and establish sound eating and exercise habits. Registered Dietitian Day, on March 13th, is a national holiday to recognize the RDs’ commitment to helping people enjoy healthy lives. Check out these reasons why you should consult with an RD today.

1. You’re about to turn 30, 40, 50…
2. You’re planning to get pregnant
3. You just got diagnosed with high cholesterol, blood pressure or reflux
4. You’re bloated or irregular
5. You have trouble sleeping
6. You’re thinking of following a new diet
7. You got talked into buying supplements and are not sure what to do with them
8. You’re hungry all the time
9. You’d like to lose inches off your waist
10. Your child has issues with food or eating healthy

If any of these reasons apply to you, or you just want to learn more about nutrition and healthy living in general, set up an appointment with me today!


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