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Approximately 60% of our body weight is water. Every cell requires water to function properly so staying hydrated benefits your entire body. Here are 6 important reasons to stay hydrated.

1. Water helps regulate your body temperature.
Sweating cools down your body temperature and releases heat from inside your body. Inadequate hydration may reduce sweating and that can cause overheating or hyperthermia. Intense sweating should be countered with extra water consumption to help maintain your body temperature.

2. Water helps keep the inside of your body clean.
Your kidneys flush toxins circulating around your body and out through urine. Water is the fuel that keeps your kidneys functioning properly. Insufficient hydration can cause toxins to build up in your body and increases your chances of developing kidney stones or urinary tract infections.

3. Water hydrates muscles, joints, skin, and mouth.
Our body’s cells are made up of mostly water and if not adequately hydrated won’t function properly. Avoid dry mouth, bad breath, unpleasant taste and cavities by drinking water. Cells in your muscles and joints also need to stay hydrated to avoid reduced strength and control. Water helps you stay alert and energized!

4. Water helps your heart beat properly.
The volume of blood in your body increases and decreases based on your overall hydration status. Poor hydration means low blood volume which causes strain on your heart. This can result in faster heartbeats and the feeling of palpitations. Drink more when the air temperature rises, while exercising, and if you are in a higher elevation than normal.

5. Water helps move your bowels.
Dehydration is a common reason for constipation. Like the positive benefits on your kidneys drinking water also keeps your gastrointestinal tract moving properly. Increase the amount of water you drink by at least 2 cups per day if you experience this on a regular basis.

6. Water helps keep you happy.
Dehydration can change the delicate balance of the chemical messengers dopamine and serotonin which may result in moodiness and exhaustion. Try substituting water with coffee when you feel sluggish in the afternoon for the necessary boost to get you through the day.

Water needs vary from person to person and depends on many factors. Not sure how much you need per day? Contact me so we can create the perfect hydration plan for your body and lifestyle. Stay tuned for Water Blog Part 2.


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